2018 Submission Application

There is a lot of information in here, all of which you are legally held accountable for, so please read this application thoroughly before applying!

Is Fringe right for your production?

Atlanta Fringe is committed to involving performing artists of every level and discipline. We welcome participation from anyone who wants to play! Fringe Festivals are exciting, frenetic and deliriously fun, but they may not be the right place for every kind of production.
Fringe operates differently from “normal” theater. The pace is faster, the timeline is more compressed, and you have less control over venue choice, tech, ticketing, and schedule. What might seem like a reasonable request may be a logistical nightmare at Fringe. We need you to trust that our rules are in place to keep everything running smoothly.
Out of necessity, Atlanta Fringe’s technical requirements are rather rigid. We don’t want to discourage you from dreaming big, but there are some real limitations you MUST take into account for your show:

All shows must be between 30 and 55 minutes long. This time limit includes any curtain speeches, shout-outs to other shows, or audience discussions.

Keep your technical elements simple (set, lights, sound, projection). You must be able to load in and set up for each performance in ten (10) minutes, and you also only have ten (10) minutes to strike everything from the stage after your show. Don’t count on storage space in your venue, you may have to haul your set and costumes in and out for every show. You will be happier with less gear! You will only have 3 hours for your technical rehearsal. There is no additional time available to work in the space.

Venue Placement: Venues are assigned in the order artists are drawn in the lottery, with consideration for special venue needs (aerial rigging, danceable floor). Main placement factors include: number of performers, use of projection, and specific size needs. The venues range in size, with the smallest venue seating 50-65 people. Be sure to provide clear details about your venue needs in the application.

Meet ALL Fringe deadlines. We have a lot of individual companies to keep on track—if we spend even two minutes calling each company, that’s hours of extra work. So, please work to meet all the deadlines we put forth. We love cooperation!

Be prepared. Set aside time to go over Fringe policies and procedures with your group. Make sure your show’s script is final and actors are off-book in time for your tech rehearsal. Make time to take a good promotional photo that accurately represents your production.

Promote your own show vigorously. We market the festival as a whole; you are responsible for promoting your show individually. We don’t have the capacity to promote 20+ individual shows equally, so it’s up to you to convince folks to choose your show over the others. If you’re chosen in the lottery, you will receive an artist handbook which will provide some helpful tips on marketing your show, including best practices other companies have used at ATL Fringe.

Acquire the appropriate rights or permissions for your production.
If we’re notified that you’re using someone else’s work without permission, we will remove your show from our lineup.

What you get from Atlanta Fringe

Your production fee of $250 gets you quite a lot:

  • 3 minutes to preview your show at the Opening Party on Wednesday June 6, 2018
  • Four scheduled performances at the 2015 Atlanta Fringe Festival, June 6-10, 2018
  • 85% of your box office revenue, after applicable taxes
  • A venue that matches your venue requests as best as we are able
  • Professional technicians to set levels and cues at your scheduled technical rehearsal, and one board operator for each performance.
  • Box office and front-of-house services
  • Listings in official schedules and festival catalog
  • Inclusion in press announcements sent to major media outlets, with potential inclusion in photo and interview requests from local media when applicable
  • Individual show page on, plus inclusion on all our social media outlets

Applying for Atlanta Fringe 2018

Applying to Fringe is very simple. However, take note that we do not accept late applications for any reason. Send your application in as early as you can to safeguard against any problems. Applications must be submitted by January 31, 2018, and must include:

  • A completed application
  • A $25.87 application fee

If you are selected in our lottery, the production fee of $255.93 will be due (we will send payment instructions upon selection.)

Okay, just a few more things you should know…

Atlanta Fringe’s rules are non-negotiable. We expect producers to read, understand, and honor them, as well as communicate the rules to any performers working with you. Producers who fail to follow the rules will be removed from the festival, which may result in the forfeiture of production fee, performance slots, box office receipts, and may impact their eligibility to participate in future festivals.

Our festival is unjuried. Your application will be placed in a lottery and drawn at random.
We encourage artists of every creed, color, age, nationality, sexuality, and weird fetish to apply.

Please be very specific about your technical needs and minimum space requirements, so we can put you in the most appropriate venue. Explain what you’re looking for and we’ll do our best to place you in an appropriate venue. However, we offer no guarantees.

Once we determine the performance schedule, we cannot rearrange your scheduled performances and show cancellations are not allowed. Your three-hour technical rehearsal will either be on Tuesday, June 5, or Wednesday, June 6 and also cannot be rescheduled.

I agree to the terms and conditions above!

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