It takes a lot of bees to build a solid hive, and we never forget the donors that help us thrive. When you make a gift to the Fringe, no matter what size, you’re telling Atlanta that original art matters- to you, to our people, and to our cultural identity. Did you know that financial and logistical barriers prevent many artists from producing new work? During Fringe, we handle venue rentals, staffing, ticketing services and marketing for the festival as a whole. This leaves the artists free to create. We need YOU to keep production and ticket costs low! Donate today! 

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Are you interested in supporting Atlanta’s ‘Best New Trend in the Arts’?   We’ve got sponsorship packages of all sizes and we are happy to customize a partnership that makes sense for your business. From product placement opportunities to volunteer opportunities for your team, this is your one-stop-shop for a funky good time in charitable giving. For more information about sponsoring Atlanta Fringe contact us today!

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